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Loyal Order of the Sword Augusta is organized under by Brad Pemberton along with his son, Jacob who studied under Greg Hinchcliff in Phoenix starting in 2001.  Both Brad and Jacob alternate as instructors in both rapier and longsword.

We have an agreement with the owner and maestro of Augusta Fencers Club to operate from their facility on Saturdays.  Please see our calendar for details.  Your first visit is free.  We guarantee you’ll enjoy fighting with us.

Our current course of study is from Joachim Meyer for longsword and Capo Ferro for rapier but we also incorporate some of Fiore.

If you choose to join us on an ongoing basis you will need to sign up at and register as a non-competitive member in order to be covered under Dr. Rudy Volkmann’s insurance plan for Augusta Fencers Club.  Coverage is a very modest $10/year.  Sessions beyond that are $40/month  or $90/quarter in order to cover the cost of the facility and loaner equipment pool.

Here is a breakdown of equipment costs for longsword sparring.

If you just want some people to spar with and you bring all your own equipment we have no problem only asking you pay the  $10/month that goes straight to cover the venue.