Capo Ferro lesson; partnered drills a key to success


One of the common sayings in the HEMA community and in other martials arts is that technique always goes out the window during sparring or in tournament.  Some of that may be true and could be due to the tournament rules and focus on how points are awarded or how certain things are handled.

One of the techniques that helps reinforce good technique is the partnered drill with critiquing and guidance from the instructor while practicing. This is just one approach we use at Loyal Order of the Sword Augusta.

Rapier technique using parrying dagger

Check out the latest rapier demonstration showing parry techniques with an off-hand weapon.  Greg Hinchcliff demonstrates fighting first with one weapon vs. two, then switches to two weapons against his opponent.

Capoferro – Great Representation of the Art and Use of Fencing

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-5-40-03-pmRidolfo Capoferro has one of the easier treatises on rapier combat.  Included with the text are numerous illustrations or plates which lend to simpler interpretation of the source material and generally easier deciphering of his stances, guards and cuts.