First. A little history.

img_4265Thanks to the prolific writing habits of Richard Marsden some of our history has been chronicled elsewhere.  He, Greg Hinchcliff (Gydion) and other members of the group got together several years ago to document the fighting style and tactics of the Loyal Order of the Sword as instructed by the Maestro.

While many of the techniques employed by Hinchcliff are his own, his techniques can be seen in the works of other Historical European Martial Arts masters.  You just have to know where to look.  Some techniques I would say are common, are any master that teaches about attacking off-line (not head to head – Capo Ferro doesn’t treat this subject very well and his guards aren’t especially designed to bring you offline with some exceptions like plate 19).  Meyer teaches this extensively.  Gaining and keeping the bind is also taught by Meyer and called stringere by Capo Ferro. You can see that reference here.   Today’s post isn’t about elaborating on the corollaries but rather just a reference to what Marsden had to write about the group that he trained with first.

Here is his post from 2010 is dated and still accurate for the most part.  What is changing is the fact that as instructors we are comfortable with what the historical masters are doing and, for the sake of HEMA, will identify which techniques work the best from each Western Martial Arts master.  From a modern perspective binding ourselves to any single discipline is to decide in obsolescence at the start.  Warning: the links to Facebook and Myspace are dead.

And the multi-source approach of Loyal Order of the Sword here.