Happy Holidays 2016

There are always those who have gone before us.  Predecessors.   Ancestors. Mentors.  Somebody was before us learning, living, failing and trying again.  This holiday season and the brief respite it provides is a great time to express gratitude for those who have helped us, not just in a martial arts sense – but with life lessons.

Here’s to those who helped out when they didn’t have to.  Here’s to those who, even when inconvenient or expensive, gave of themselves with no thought of recompense.  Here’s to those mentors, those leaders and teachers who brought us to where we are today.

And here’s to tomorrow and next year.  Hard work, dedication to our craft and pure fun will make 2017 the best year ever for our clan.

To those who have joined or re-joined this year, we look forward to trading bruises and denting masks as we train.  New members are the life blood of any organization.  Thanks for joining us.  We hope you stay for a good long while.