Shawn Fackler’s HEMA Library List

Shawn Fackler shared his HEMA library bibliography with me recently.  I’m posting here for the benefit of others in the group that are looking for sources.   Shawn has several reviews on Amazon.

Fackler’s Library
Historical European Martial Arts

Giganti, Nicoletto
2013 The ‘Lost’ Second Book of Nicoletto Giganti (1608): A Rapier Fencing Treatise Rediscovered and Translated. Translated by Piermarco

Terminiello and Joshua Pendragon. Fox Spirit Books.
2014 Nicoletto Giganti’s The School of the Sword: A New Translation by Aaron Taylor Miedema. Legacy Books Press, Kingston.

Heslop, Brandon B. and Benjamin G. Bradak
2010 Lessons on the English Longsword. Paladin Press.

Horder, Jeremy
1992 The Duel and the English Law of Homicide. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies. Vol. 12, No. 3, pp 419-430. Oxford University Press.

Hutton, Alfred
2002 Old Sword Play: Techniques of the Great Masters. Dover Publications.
2006 Cold Steel: The Art of Fencing with the Sabre. Dover Publications.

Kenner, Andrew N.
2014 I33: Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript.

Kirby, Jared
2012 Italian Rapier Combat: Capo Ferro’s ‘Gran Simalcro’. Second Edition. Frontline Books.

Leoni, Tom
2010 Venetian Rapier: Nicoletto Giganti’s 1606 Rapier Fencing Curriculum. Freelance Academy Press.
2011 Ridolfo Capoferro’s The Art and Practice of Fencing: A Practical Translation for the Modern Swordsman. Freelance Academy Press.

L’Abbat, Monsieur
2007 The Art of Fencing, or, The Use of the Small Sword. Translated by Andrew Mahon. Dodo Press, Gloucester.

Lindholm, David and Peter Svärd
2003 Sigmund Ringeck’s Knightly Art of the Longsword. Paladin Press, Boulder.

Marsden, Richard
2015 The Polish Saber: the Use of the Polish Saber on Foot in the 17th Century. Tyrant Industries.

Meyer, Joachim
2014 The Art of Combat: A German Martial Arts Treatise of 1570. Translated by Jeffrey L. Forgeng. Second Edition. Frontline Books, London.

Mondeschein, Ken
2011 The Knightly Art of Battle. Getty Publications, Los Angeles.
2012 The Art of the Two Handed Sword: A Translation of Francesco Alfieri’s ‘Lo Spadone’ with a Guide to Modern Practice. Swordplay Books.

Monstery, Colonel Thomas Hoyer and Ben Miller
2015 Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies: A Nineteenth-Century Treatise on Boxing, Kicking, Grappling, and Fencing with the Cane and Quarterstaff. Blue Snake Books.

Quint, David
1997 Dueling and Civility in Sixteenth Century Italy. I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance. Vol. 7, pp. 231-278.

Schmidt, Herbert
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2015 Sword Fighting 2 An Introduction to the Single-Handed Sword and Buckler. Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

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Talhoffer, Hans
2000 Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-century Illustrated Manual of Swordfighting and Close- quarter Combat. Translated by Mark Rector. Barnes and Noble Publishing.

2006 Fight Earnestly: the Fight-Book from 1459 AD. Transcription, Translations, and Commentary by Jeffrey Hull. Electronic Document.
Tarassuk, Leonid

1977 Some Notes on Parrying Daggers and Poinards. Metropolitan Museum Journal. Vol. 12, pp. 33-54.
Tobler, Christian Henry

2009 Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship: Sigmund Ringeck’s Commentaries on Master Liechtenauer’s Vesre. Chivalry Bookshelf.
2015 Fighting with the German Longsword. Freelance Academy Press.

Wagner, Paul
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Wilson, William
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Wilson, William
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Windsor, Guy
2010 Duellists Companion: A Training Manual for 17th Century Italian Rapier. Chivalry Bookshelf.

2012 Veni Vadi Vici: A Transcription, Translation, and Commentary of Philippo Vadi’s De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi. The School of European Swordsmanship.
2014 Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 2: The Medieval Longsword. The School of European Swordsmanship.
2016 Advanced Longsword: Form and Function. The School of European Swordsmanship.

Zabinski, Grzegorz
2010 The Longsword Teachings of Master Liechtenauer: The Early Sixteenth Century Swordsmanship Comments in the “Goliath” Manuscript. Wydawnictwo Adam Marszarek; 1st edition.